2019 HHE

Theresa Powell 
In 2004 while earning her BA degree, she became chronically ill with devastating symptoms such as severe pain, brain fog, insomnia & fatigue, paralyzing anxiety/panic attacks, muscle weakness and hair loss.
She was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease for which the medical community has no cure. Refusing opioids and other synthetic drugs; Theresa never gave up searching for a natural solution to improve the quality of her life. 
Elijah Hawken
“I am honored to be carrying the tradition of such a powerful and ancient medicine into the 
lives of modern-day people, who can benefit so much from it.”
In the state of California, where Ms. Hawken studied, Licensed Acupuncturists are granted 
the status of Primary Care Physicians due to their extensive training in both western biomedicine and Oriental medicine. Ms. Hawken is proud to carry this training to her patients in Texas, knowing she is qualified to safeguard their health.
Helen Watson
"I grew up in a household where astrology and fortune telling were practiced daily. My mother, Connie Hughes, was a prominent astrologer in the Dallas area and began teaching metaphysics to me at an early age.
Areas that I am also strongly suited in are, Astrology, Numerology, Spiritual Mediumship, Feng Shui, healing crystals and candles, seeing auras and handwriting analysis."
Cindy Baccus
My mission is to Make a Difference in the Lives of Pets and People and to create a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive.
I am excited to share healthy, clean, and very tasty pet treats, food, and our Superfood Seasonings to the Holistic Health Exp on October 5th.
Virginia Turrubiarte
Virginia Turrubiarte is a psychic medium with the ability to read photos of people and animals that will be joining us at the upcoming Holistic Health Expo. She encourages attendees to bring their photos for their readings.
She also teaches others to develop their hidden gifts as well. This includes expressing her love and guidance by helping parents recognize their Indigo and Crystal children.
Terry Harkins
Natural Buddy began as a small business in Texas with a mission to create handcrafted natural and organic dog care products. 
We design all of Natural Buddy's pet products with the well-being of your beloved, furry friend in mind.  We believe that the only ingredients that touch your pet should be natural, non-toxic and as gentle as possible.
Pattrick Hagens
Pat is an energy healer as well as Angel and Oracle card reader. He also does Chakra readings and Healing.
He is a native Texan and business owner for 35 years. He studied Energy Healing with Deborah King Center for four years graduating to the Master Level.
Nicole Payseur
Nicole abandoned her legal briefs for a yoga mat.  For the past 20 years, Nicole has used her powers for good to teach yoga full time and coach entrepreneurs in enlightened business strategy. 
She has taught meditation to Dallas ISD teachers, kids yoga at the DMA, 250 yoga fans at Klyde Warren and studios from Dallas Yoga Center, Equinox, Uptown Yoga and City Yoga to name a few. 
Kay Moss
"After losing my best friend of over 50 years to an autoimmune disease, and having found Bemer, hich it was determined could have enhanced her condition, I have avowed to help as many in need as I can. So, with dedication I will work for your better health."  
Bemer's Physical Vascular Therapy is used in a diversity of fields today. The improvement of microcirculation, i.e. blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits your health, your immune system and your overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways
Pete Taboada
“Unique, One-Of-A-Kind” That is what most of the great people who own one of my works, say about me.
I am inspired by the love and creative energies that flow through me and you. My art reflects the path of spiritual journeys and wisdom obtained by working with you, discovering the unique essence of who you are, and giving you the experience in life you Desire and Enjoy !
I am aware that in my commissioned works, I am creating the Most One-of-a-Kind expression that radiates and reflects who you are.
My works serve to bring out your Unique talents and gifts, and provides You with amazing Inspiration to create your Best Life !
Debi Mayes

Debi had always been blessed with good health. However, in the 90’s she started having unexplained pain in various parts of her body, no energy, brain fog, and insomnia. After meeting with several specialists and taking a variety of tests she was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 

The doctors had very little information on what caused it or how to help manage the symptoms other than treating each one with a different drug. The side effects of the drugs then needed other drugs. Debi was in a vicious cycle, trapped in a medical vortex getting worse, never better.   



Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation is an international non profit organization founded by Sadhguru, a Yogi, mystic and visionary  to create an inclusive culture towards global harmony and progress. It offers powerful yoga programs for inner well-being and self transformation.



Animal Blessings in Honor of St. Francis of Assissi, Patron Saint of Animals
Please bring our well-behaved pets in a carrier or on a leash
Classes added to the Expo:        
1pm  Tai Chi class
2pm  Yoga class
3pm  Yoga class
Experience holistic sessions from a variety of echnicians and intuitives such as:
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractor
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Sound Healing
  • Life Coaching
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Intuitive Art
  • Tai Chi
  • Karmic Clearing
  • Henna temporary tatoos
  • Recycled Art
  • Holistic Pet Supplies
  • Essential Oils
  • Salt Lamps
  • Organic Health Products
Kathy Tracy

Kathy has been an Animal Reiki Practitioner since 2007. She enjoys sharing her gifts with the animals in Tri-City Animal Shelter in Cedar Hill, where she is active. They give as much – or more – to her as she gives to them.

Kathy is also a volunteer grief counselor at the SPCA of TX and she is proud to be part of the Pet Grief Recovery Program. She loves the work and finds it very fulfilling.

And Much More!
To reserve a Vendor Spot,
please email Donna Kirby at donnakirby@dallasunity.org.