In Circulation

“The more of myself I place into circulation, the more I will experience”.  These are the words of Sunday, November 14, 2021 Daily Word.    Reading them aloud at the Celebration Service stirred a vibration of Truth in my heart. These words also stirreda call to action. These words invited me to pour more into the circulation of the goodness of the world.  

Some may wonder how anyone could place more of themselves into circulation.  After all aren’t we already over extended with our hectic life *lled with classes, family, friends, self-care, spiritual care, and the list goes on and on.   I wonder where this “more of myself” is hiding so that I can place more into circulation.  

As I walked through my neighborhood early this morning, the answer to my wondering was bright and bold and beautiful! As I turned the corner a large tree ablaze with red leaves literally took my breath away only to be followed by a smaller tree dripping in shades of gold.  These are the same trees that placed into circulation the blossoms of spring and the many shades of green through summer. 

As fall descends and is followed by winter, these fallen leaves will nourish the earth for growth once more, come spring. I suppose if these trees that captured my eyes and heart this day has the capacity to place all of this into circulation, what more might you and I be blessed to experience by giving of our selves without restraint orcondition?

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Karen