To Everything a Season  

It is impossible to ignore the impact of the time change that marked the end of daylight savings time. It feels as though sunset arrives and darkness descends so very early in the evening. Sunday, as the day drew to a seemingly early close, I began to consider the seasonal flow of life and how we move in harmony with it or resist it.   The Daily Word reading for Sunday was still fresh in my mind with the idea of Divine Order being demonstrated in the flow of the seasons inspired me.  I thought about the lush blossoms that come to life each spring and the buoyant life of long summer days, followed by the waning of the same as leaves of fall tumble from their branches. 

The time of winter is rapidly approaching and while the festivities and holidays are exciting to many, the purpose of winter is release and rest.  I have from time to time lamented that during winter months, with shorter days and longer nights, I feel less motivated to go outdoors.  My morning walks become chore like obligations rather than invigorating moments to begin my days.   I feel the brooding of melancholy as darkness expands and encroaches upon the hours of daylight.  

For the farming community, this is a time of the final harvests followed by rest, allowing the earth to regenerate with nutrients from fallen leaves.  It is a time for us as humans to release all that burdens us and keeps us from joy.  This season of the year is a time to release all that doesn’t support and honor our highest good.   We are not to be dismissive of the experiences that call us into greater expression of our divine nature, yet the thoughts and beliefs that keep us from moving forward, from expanding, and growing now can be released.  

Sunday, we talked about “Be still, and know”. I now take to heart the lesson that winter calls us to. It is not a mandate, although a common practice, to become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  I cannot help but wonder what beauty life might reveal if we did slow our pace, lighten our load, become still and know that in the stillness is the true joy of each holiday that is ahead.

There is a season for all things. Winter is the season for release and rest.  What shall you release?  How shall you rest?   

Many blessings, 
Rev. Karen