I bet you didnt know # 1

I recently had what may seem like a silly idea.  I wondered, what is it that you might like to know about me before I take my leave for South Carolina?  What about me do you not already know? Over the next couple of weeks, I will share a story or two or three.  A story that is likely to be new to you.  

On the day that I wrote these words, I sat in my backyard sanctuary with Micah, my pup, by my side.  This is a common practice for us as we begin a new day.  On this day, however, felt as if I had touched a piece of heaven.  It was a glorious morning and everything seemed to be perfectly aligned for a peaceful, tranquil morning. 

When I moved into my current home ten years ago, the first project I jumped into was to create a sanctuary where I could rest and restore my body, mind, and spirit.  There was a blank slate to work with since the backyard was soil and a chain link fence.  Granted, the soil is rich and serves as host to a variety of earth worms, yet the thick canopy of trees forbade much from growing in the space.  This was a generous gift that lent itself perfectly for a spacious flagstone patio which is shaded and comfortable even on the hottest of Texas summer days.  If there is a breeze, all the better.  Mornings in my backyard are, without fail, the best beginnings of any day. 

Listening to the birds and squirrels before the rest of the world hits the road and the noise of human life begins, inspires me to my core.  Some of my better ideas and writing has happened in this very sacred space.   

On my day off, after tending to my crew, Luna, Sophia, and Arthur my cats, and Micah my pup, I often indulge in extended backyard time.  I prepare first breakfast that includes eggs, avocado, tomatoes, sometimes roasted potatoes, toast and always tea.  I frequently add vegetarian sausage.  For a long time, I included a glass of red wine to round out this hearty meal.  Yes, I did!  It was my day off after all.  I had nowhere to be but at home.  I gave up this practice in order to better control my sugar intake.  My darling daughter tells me, “Of course, when you drink wine for breakfast it’s called grape nectar”.  I love that child.

Basking in the spaciousness of the morning hours restores and enlivens me.  I am quite content until it’s time for second breakfast.  This is a habit I model after Bilbo Baggins and the hobbits of Lord of the Rings.  I have since learned that several European nations indulge in second breakfast.  Both the Germans and the French partake in such a practice. For me, second breakfast might include fruit and nuts, a boiled egg, or fresh fruit of the season.  Always topping of second breakfast is a second cup of tea, of course.

Taking in the presence of Spirit in all forms is the foundation of my morning.  Be it the routine of getting to my office at Unity or more carefree days at home, I savor the dawning of each new day.  I relish the gift of awakening with prayers of gratitude floating through me before my eyes open to the world.

At the very moment I write these words, a gentle breeze moves and the leaves sway taking my breath away.  Micha scampers to my side for a sign of approval.  It seems as if he is smiling too after rolling in a patch of dirt he created for this very purpose.  He seems oblivious to the collection of fallen leaves that he has collected in his coat. 

Om, Ah, Om.  The beauty and bounty of this new day has settled upon me like a comfortable blanket that is cozy and safe as the unknowns of the future await. 

Sunday, we continue “Row, Row, Row Your Boat – A Guide to Living Life in the Divine Flow” by Steven Lane Taylor.  I have enjoyed this book series so very much.  Join us Sunday in person, on our website at dallasunity.org, on our YouTube channel or on the Facebook page.  Either way, always know that your soul is welcome here!

Love and blessings, 

Rev. Karen