The Silence Speaks

The silence speaks.  The silence speaks clearly and profoundly when I listen.  Each year when my time away in silence is complete, I have shared from my journal.  I am compelled to use this page to share today from the inspirations of July 16, 2020, day four of silence:

This idea of living without a clock is interesting.  This is one of the few times in life that I am granted this luxury and the first time I possess the consciousness to desire this notion so I indulge myself for these two weeks of time free living.

As I abandon the presence of the clock, I move into the presence of the Divine.  The presence that is grounded and assured.  The presence that is clear thinking and confident in discernment.  The presence that is the holy of holy, the connection I am experiencing in the here and now.   As I sit, I hear these words:

There is no rhyme or reason that must be mastered, it is merely your desire to live from my presence that makes it possible.  from my presence comes life affirming abundance not as the world describes rather abundance of spirit:

Abundance in the year you breathe so breathe deeply my child and ill yourself with the freshness of each new day. Breathe in the pureness o my life sustaining breathe and exhale yourself into my world.

Abundance in the laughter of your heart beloved, so laugh whole-heartedly.  Whatever tickles your heart or simple for the desire for laughter. Laugh long, laugh hard, laugh until you your eyes flow with tears of laughter.

Abundance of joy only found in me, so feel my joy.  Not as you are accustomed by this or that which brings temporary joy.  NO, feel my joy from dee within you.  feel my unshakable joy that comes from your deep faith.

Abundance of peace.  My world may be rumbling and raging yet, my peace shall sustain you through all.  No matter what the world may say.  Allow peace- my peace to dwell in your heart.  Only then will my world become peaceful.

Abundance of Love.  my love cannot be found in others to satisfy your need.  To fulfill your deepest longings for love, be with me.  Come to me like the bridegroom and the bride ready to be complete and whole as one.  This is the love I give to you now, always, for eternity.

Abundance of abundance will fill your heart and the heart of all beings each in their own unique way.  There shall be no lack, no wanting, not unmet need.  This is the promise I make to you. 

I ponder these words with a restless mind and I ask:  What about the wrongs of the world, the suffering and the pain, the injustice, the poverty of thought and life, the mercilessness of one toward another?

This my beloved is the world that my creation has called into being.  This is the complexity of life with “your” will be done with the gift of free will.  This is the way, the journey to find the truth of life and the healing of the woundedness of Adam and Eve.  This my child is the knowledge of good and evil this is your time of reconciliation and atonement not through another, rather with one another.

This is a time for my people of the world, all people of the world to come to know that each is of Myself.  There is not one that I love more than another.  There is not one who lacks in receiving my favor. There is no favor rich or poor, genius or dull.  There is no preference of color or gender. My grace is poured out to all in hearty measure at the precise moment in time. 

Live in harmony with one another. Share my love freely and openly for all who walk the earth.  Bring my people to know this love that reaches beyond human understanding and beyond the realm you now experience in your waking hours.  This love, my love, transcends all time and space and sustains all life for eternity.  This is the love you desire and yearn for in the deepest spaces of your dreams and in the longing of your soul this is the love you can only know through me for I am that love.  I am your heart’s desire.   Return to me.  Return to love.