There is enough love

Numerous people shared their thoughts and feelings about the meditation and song presented during our contemplative time Sunday. As a reminder, it was a combination of guided meditation and the amazing song “Can’t Stop Love” by our dear friend Washuntara. Since this meditation resonated with many and love is one of my favorite topics to talk about, let’s continue.

If you listen to the headline news each day, one may begin to think that there isn’t much love in our world. To you I say “TURN OFF THE NEWS!”. Yes, there are people who are counting on the citizens of the United States and global citizens to be divided by our differences. Some are hoping that by instilling fear into the hearts of humanity, they may advance their personal agenda and desire for power over others. To them, I do not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. I, like you, am well aware of the hatred and vitriol that floats through the ethers and penetrates the lives of some people. I refuse, yes refuse, to give in to the notion that this is the predominate energy that moves across our world.

Often, very often, I am graced the privilege of witnessing the love that is shared in our spiritual community. I see and hear of you praying with each other, caring for each other through illness and injury, rising long before dawn to be the supportive family during surgeries. I hear about you cooking, shopping, cleaning, watering plants when needed. There is so much love in our community and in our world. Don’t allow love to be overshadowed by anything that is not love. Shine the light, be the light of love that obliterates the darkness.

As I go about my day, I notice the places and the people who are advancing the power of love. Even as I write this, I am in a local restaurant enjoying breakfast, bearing witness to the loveliness that is literally everywhere. There is a group of four women who are together sharing breakfast and good times. Their boisterous laughter fills the entire place with joy and I grin along with them. I notice a family of three generations talking and smiling as the littlest one, a girl, demonstrates her free will in a very profound way. As I finish my meal, a group of eight arrive. They are conversing in their native language and I am not privy to the conversation. From their faces I see, attentiveness to one another, smiles, and a warm camaraderie between them. Hugs are shared all around their table. Two young couples arrive walking hand in hand. Each couple is seated at a separate table. One couple continues their public display of affection and hold hands across their table. The other couple chat away while they share phone messages and chat about pictures. Their attention turns fully to each other once again when their breakfast arrives. In the center of the restaurant two elderly women sit deep in conversation. They lean into each other, eyes locked, listening intently to what the other has to say.

From where I sit, there is enough love in this one room to light the city of Dallas and beyond. My guess is that this scene of warm, loving energy is replicated in cities across the globe. This is the vision I hold today. I also hold myself to the highest expectation of being the presence of love wherever I am and whatever I may be doing.

Carry these words in your pocket and in your heart because once you get it started…you can’t stop love.
Open your heart. Let your love go free
Out over the ocean or right across the street.
Let it flow like a river. Let it fly like a dove,
till your heart remembers, you can’t stop love.
Once you get it started, just watch what it does.
It’ll go full circle. You can’t stop love.

Sunday is my final lesson from my month in the silence. Join me at 11:00 for “One more Thing” said the silence. Also, Thursday is Unity World Day of Prayer! Visit the sanctuary between 8 am and 6 pm for prayer and contemplation. The Spiritual Care Team offers a beautiful service at 6:30. See you soon!

Love and blessings,
Rev. Karen