Keys to the Kingdom Prosperity Class


Join us for an Advanced Course on Prosperity Consciousness Building. After the 2nd Thursday, the following classes build on Key One and Key Two and prerequisites for attending remaining classes. Continues each Thursday 6pm until July 5th.

  • Key One:  Make the Commitment - The world was not given to you, you were given to the world. Step into the natural flow of abundance by committing yourself to becoming a giver to life.
  • Key Two:  Hold the vision - You will not rise higher than your personal vision for your life. Expand your vision and follow your bliss. Believe in your highest potential and you will realize it.
  • Key Three: Build a New Awareness - Your limiting beliefs have always held you back. A new awareness of the truth of your being will set you free.
  • Key Four:  Make Room for the New - The Law of Circulation works to the benefit of those who understand its operation. When you create a vacuum in your life, the universe always moves in to fill it.
  • Key Five:  Let Go of the Past - Holding on to regrets and resentments from the past saps your creative energy. Release your energy through forgiveness of self and others.
  • Key Six:  Count the Blessings - You always attract what you focus upon. The daily practice of gratitude focuses your creative energy on the good on your life, thereby multiplying it.
  • Key Seven:  Live in the Flow - Abundance is not just a spirtual quality; it is a way of life. Incorporate the principles of abundance into your daily living, and abundance will be your way of life.

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May 24th, 2018 6:00 PM