Joshue Sound Oct workshop


We invite you to this beautiful group - facilitated by Joshua Inacio, and supported by Ascended Master Saint Germain - which aspects of your Divine DNA will be activated "that you may be gracefully steered on your soul's path".
We will begin with a sound clearing with the gong and didgeridoo, to remove the static and blockages from your energy field, Joshua will then channel the angelic tones and energetic frequencies to connect you with your divine blueprint. From there, in group unity, we will tone with our voices together to amplify our collective resonance.
To complete the session, Joshua will create a "Soul Song" for the group, in which the energies we have received and amplified will be put into a form which can receive from again and again.
The modalities of Sound and Vibration are exceptional. They are bridges which connect the multidimensional realm to the 3D, and the intangible to the physical. Our bodily discomforts and dis-ease first originate in our etheric body before manifesting in the physical body, so vibration is a perfect tool, as it bypasses the mental body and supports a new degree of wholeness, vitality, and connection.
Through various techniques, such as toning, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes and modalities he has developed himself, Joshua will support deep healing, clearing and infusing light to our auric field, etheric body and physical body. It is a deeply soothing and profound experience.
Joshua has had success helping individuals with the following physical conditions; anxiety and depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and acute stomach pain, Thyroid imbalances, high blood pressure, joint pain (knee and shoulder), Autism and ADHD, and blood clots.

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Individual Sessions:

   Sunday, June 30th  4pm -7pm

Monday, July 1st 9am-12pm

      30 minute & 60 minute sessions

Call office 214.826.5583 to schedule.