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Hello, dear friends of Unity on Greenville,

It is the intention of the Board of Trustees to be aware of changes in recommended practices with regard to COVID-19.  As updated information from CDC and other healthcare organizations becomes available, Unity on Greenville will take to heart the information and adjust our practices and procedures in ways we believe to uphold the well-being of our spiritual community. 

We understand that this is a time when individual comfort and safety is of great importance. Each person has their preferred safe living practices.  Hugging has been a common and much-loved practice among some Unity on Greenville members and attendees.  At this time hugging is not recommended, but acceptable when mutually agreeable.

We ask that everyone honor and respect each person’s desire to hug or not to hug. Namaste’ or Namaskar and a bow remains a well-accepted greeting to use at Unity on Greenville when unsure of someone’s preferences. As the community standard of good etiquette, we only touch with mutual consent.   

Thank you in advance for your loving kindness towards one another as we navigate these days of relaxing COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Wearing a mask is recommended when walking to and from your seat.
  • A mask is optional while seated.
  • Please continue to RSVP for Sunday celebration services at https://rsvp.church/r/efmz2i7f
  • We have increased our capacity to 40 attendees.
  • A Sign-In sheet is available for anyone who has not preregistered.
  • Maintaining physical distance of six feet from others is recommended.
  • Again, personal touching/contacting is not recommended, but acceptable when mutually agreeable.
  • Children are welcome in the sanctuary with a parent / adult.

However, you choose to join the celebration service, know that “your soul is welcome here”!

Unity on Greenville Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust attendance opportunities in ways that assure the highest regard for the safety and well-being of those who attend.

The Board of Trustees




Rev. Karen Romestan



Unity on Greenville Staff:

General Questions - Unity on Greenville

Minister: Rev. Karen Romestan

Music Director:  Rachel Avonne

Ceremony Coordinator - Mary Huck

Prayer Requests - Prayer Chaplain

Website and Social Media - Kim Doria

Board of Trustees:

President:          Sandra De La Cruz

Vice-President: Wesley Baker

Secretary:         Marian Fleischmann 

Treasurer:         Mark Titus

Trustee:             Kryah Webb

Trustee:             Valerie Hope

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