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Update November 2021: 


The Board of Trustees continues to monitor recommended practices regarding COVID-19. We evaluate any updated information from CDC and other healthcare organizations to adjust our practices and procedures to ensure the well-being of our spiritual community.

Do continue to radiate your love and honor each person with the greeting of Namaste’ or Namaskar, a bow, an elbow or a fist bump if your partner consents to physical contact.

Hugging is a common and much-loved practice among some Unity on Greenville congregants. Mutual consent is essential. We ask that you respect the preference of individuals who do not wish to hug at this time.

Our current practices are:

  • ·Wearing a mask is required when entering the building until you arrive at your seat in the sanctuary. You may remove your mask while seated. Please wear your mask as you’re moving through the building.
  • Maintaining a physical distance of six feet from others required.
  • Again, personal touching/contacting is to be done with mutual consent.
  • Children are welcome in the sanctuary with a parent / adult.

Thank you in advance for your loving kindness towards one another as we navigate these days of heightened COVID-19 restrictions.

However you choose to join the celebration service, know that “your soul is welcome here”!

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Unity on Greenville Staff:

General Questions - Unity on Greenville

Music Director:  Rachel Avonne

Ceremony Coordinator - Rev. Karen Romestan

Prayer Requests - Prayer Chaplain

Website and Social Media - Kim Doria

Board of Trustees:

President:          Sandra De La Cruz

Vice-President: Wesley Baker

Secretary:         Marian Fleischmann 

Treasurer:         Mark Titus

Trustee:             Kryah Webb

Trustee:             Valerie Hope

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