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Ways to enjoy Sunday morning Celebration Service with Unity on Greenville.

Beginning April 25, 2021, you may join in-person

  • Reservations are required.

Reserve your seat by completing all information at https://rsvp.church/r/efmz2i7f.

  • CDC recommended face masks are to be worn over the nose and mouth for the duration of the service.
  • Physical distance will be maintained for the duration of the service. 
  • Bow in the spirit of Namaste’ / Namaskar will replace hugs. 
  • Ushers will direct you to your seat and to the exit at the end of the celebration service.
  • Socialize off-site at locations of your choice.

Anyone who experiences the following will not attend in person:

  • Doesn’t feel well, has a fever, or has been exposed to anyone testing positive for Covid-19 OR Anyone in the household doesn’t feel well, has a fever, or has been exposed to anyone testing positive for Covid 19. 

Join us at Unity on Greenville Facebook Page: 

  • Celebration Services are live-streamed at Unity on Greenville 

Visit Unity on Greenville YouTube channel:  

  • You will find Celebration Services posted on YouTube each Sunday afternoon.

Unity on Greenville Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust attendance opportunities in ways that assure the highest regard for the safety and well-being of those who attend.

The Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees:

President:             Sandra De La Cruz

Vice-President:    Wesley Baker

Secretary:            Marian Fleischmann 

Treasurer:            Mark Titus

Trustee:                Kryah Webb

2021 Bylaws pdf

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Rev. Karen Romestan


Unity on Greenville Staff:

General Questions - Unity on Greenville

Minister: Rev. Karen Romestan

Music Director:  Rachel Avonne

Ceremony Coordinator - Mary Huck

Prayer Requests - Prayer Chaplain

Website and Social Media - Kim Doria