2nd Sunday Active Dreaming





Lightning Dream Sharing Method

The Lightning Dream Sharing Method is a quick energetic method allowing you to explore your dreams and determine what action to take in as short a time as you would brush your teeth!
The process involves only four steps and should only take 10 minutes. 

But first, before sharing dreams, it is important to set some ground rules. The dream and the dreamer shall be respected by listening intently and not interrupting with comments or questions. We also never want to pretend to be the expert on someone else's dream and so any feedback should always be prefaced
with, if this were my dream...

Give your dream a title when you tell it, it is your story. Tell th
e story in present tense so as to bring all the energy of the dream into the present.  

1. How did you feel upon waking from the dream? 
2. Reality Check - are there any time cues in the dream, time of day/night, the setting, what was the weather, notice any people places or things that are known from your waking life? These can be helpful clues to tell if this could be a possible future scenario playing out in your dream and so we always want to look for those. 
3. What do you most want to know from the dream? What part of the dream has left you wondering, this is the part of the dream sharing where you can explore feedback friends may have for you. Always remember when giving helpful feedback to preface it from the perspective of, If this were my dream...
4. What action do you want to take to honor this dream? It may be something creative, it may require time to contemplate, it may require some specific action that the dream is telling you. You may want to get other feedback as to an action plan from your dream sharing partner. 

Now your ready for dream sharing, all you have to do is remember your dreams! Keeping a pen and notebook by your bed to write them down upon waking as a handy way to remember and record your dreams.  

Recommended reading -
Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom by Robert Moss.


Conscious Shamanic Dream Journeying

Explore conscious shamanic dream journeying in one of our workshops, or individually, if you have a drum, along with a sense of adventure.  Shamanic group dream journeys are lead by the sound of the drum on adventures through the multiverse with the help of the animal powers and spiritual guides. These conscious dream explorations are where you may find yourself meeting up with departed ancestral spirits, or come face to face with a fierce animal ally who has brought  you the opportunity to adapt these powers into your life for the purpose of healing and transformation. Inherent in the concept of transformation means that death is also there on the road to rebirth. Shamanic initiation can sometimes mean being eaten or torn limb from limb by a power animal, only to be remade through gifts of healing. This classic shamanic initiation offers an opportunity of transforming our former self to become our larger self. 
Are you ready?    

Recommended reading: Dreamways of the Iroquois: Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul by Robert Moss
Soul Recovery
There are times in life when we are fraught with difficulties, gut wrenching choices at crossroads that leave our energy split off down another path. Instances of abusive relationships that deny our free will or deny our spirit or creative desires. In such cases we may find that part of us has  gone missing when there is no longer a place for it.   Addiction and prolonged illness or serious physical trauma can also be causes of soul loss. 

Recommended reading -
Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole.
by Robert Moss

Dream Incubation


Dream Incubation originated at least as far back as ancient Greece in the dream temples of Aesculapius, where followers of the dream cult incubated dreams overnight in hopes of a visit in dreams from the god known as the great healer.  Modern day dreamers have adopted dream incubation as a valuable way to explore dreams consciously. In dreaming as in life, our intention sets the path for where we will go and how our energy will flow. 

If you want to dream about something in particular, perhaps you have a tough decision to make and you need the assistance of deeper powers to help you decide, your dreams are the best place to go for advice. 

We have all heard the expression when making a tough decision, let me sleep on it. Well, that is in fact how dream incubation works. We put our hearts and minds to the task and we bring that intention with us into our dreaming. When we have a dream in response to our most heartfelt questions, that is dream incubation. 

You may want to create a ritual to make your intention even more tangible and write it on a slip of paper and slip it under your pillow and literally sleep on it:) Upon waking write down any dreams you recall along with any words or phrases that catch in your head. Sometimes even a song will come. Pay attention to how you feel as you wake and if you remember your dream, you may want to share it with a trusted friend and let them know your dream intention.   

Once you learn to use dream incubation, you will see there is so much to explore in the dream realms with our conscious intentions.  
Recommended reading - Conscious Dreaming: 
A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life 
by Robert Moss


Dream Re-Entry

When we wake up in the middle of a dream we weren't ready to end just yet. When we want to see what else the dream had in store for us. Dream Re-Entry can help us push the replay button. 

If I have to get up in the middle of my dream to go to the bathroom,  I find if I go back to the same body position I was lying in when I woke up, I can easily slip right back into the dream and continue it on. 

If on the other hand, you have a dream you recall the next morning and you work through the lightning dream method and find you have questions but not a lot of answers to your dreams, then you may want to put your questions directly to your dream to find out.

Here are the simple tools to practice this important aspect of Active Dreaming. 

Determine the point at which your dream holds the most energy for you, it may emotional energy or it may be spiritual or primal. This is the point you will use to re-enter your dream. Once you have determined your entry point, determine what your intention is for re-entry, what
is you want to know? Once you have your intention set, then you can hold it in your heart as you draw yourself back into your dream consciously, at the point you have set for re-entry. Allow the dream to begin to take shape and don't try to control what happens inside the dream, allow it to unfold and don't be surprised if it takes a different turn and changes dramatically.

Lastly, dream re-entry works on dreams no matter how long ago you had them. Dreams are timeless, perhaps you recall a  childhood dream which still has you wondering. Y

Recommended reading -
Dreamgates: An Explorer's Guided to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death by Robert Moss

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