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Let's Socialize!

Welcome to our Social Media page! We are a community that socializes - in the physical world - and the digital world. Check out our digital social media activities below, and interact with us. If you'd like to help with Unity on Greenville's social media activities, email us at


Check out our Facebook page and give us a 'Like,' if you like! We can be found here: Please visit often and join in our conversations.


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 We believe in being a positive example and role model.
 We believe in making a positive difference in the world.
The purpose of the Social Media Team is to support the vision of Unity on Greenville:
We are a beacon of spiritual light and a loving sanctuary,
sharing our positive Unity message with all people.
We support and demonstrate Unity on Greenville’s core valuesof Love and Integrity:
Realizing and accepting our oneness with God, we extend love to all.
We demonstrate love through interactions that build trust and are mutually respectful.
We are committed to authentic, honest, open, and respectful communication with each other as we practice and apply Unity teachings through thought, word and action.