light drives out darkness

I know that our days are growing longer as the earth moves past the winter solstice, yet it can’t happen quickly enough for this impatient one. I cherish the daylight and all the wonder of what is possible when light shines upon the earth. What adventures may I engage in the light of morning that stretches into long hours in the evening? Intellectually, I understand the need for darkness, hibernation and rest. Yet, the sunlight of long summer days feeds my soul. I feel fully alive and engaged with creation when the earth is brightly lit by the golden rays of the sun. As my acupuncturist so gently and kindly told me last winter, “We are supposed to sleep more and work less in the winter months”. She also suggested some indoor activities I could participate in during winter months. Our bodies are entwined with the rhythms of the seasons of the earth and nonresistance to this rhythm certainly appeals to the intellect. The thought of this is so beautiful. It is comforting to know that creation is slowing, resting, sleeping just like me during the short days and long nights of winter. I sit on the sofa with my crew of animals and enjoy sipping tea and reading books that have waited so patiently in my “to read pile’. Each evening I am astounded at the 6 pm darkness and the awareness that it feels like time for sleep! I do appreciate these times. I really do. Perhaps, by affirming this I shall acquiesce to the reality that is before my very eyes.

As I read in the first chapter of Genesis “Darkness was upon the face of the earth”. It was from the darkness that all that exists was brought forth. It was from darkness that the stars in the heavens, the sun, the moon, all the waters of the earth came to be. It was from the darkness that the birds flying above us, the fish swimming beneath the waters, and all the life that walks, leaps, and crawls upon the earth came to be.

From the darkness of existence came all the beauty of the earth. We need the ability to bring beauty from the dark spaces of our life. All the darkness that is within us is waiting for light to shine upon it - the sadness, the worry for the future, or regrets of the past. We need to hold the possibility for healing and wholeness when we allow the light of divine love to shine.
My mind drifts to the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King “… darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” Whether the darkness is a long winter night or a heaviness of our soul it matters not. It is the shining light that overcomes darkness. With that thought, the predawn rains ceased and the sun slowly emerged over the horizon welcoming the light of day to joyfully greet the darkness of the night. My soul is joyful in the light of this day.

Sunday we shall explore the creative process with “In the Beginning”. I look forward to seeing you! Remember Mastermind Prayer (in the teen room) and Metaphysical Bible Study (in the Upper Room) begin at 9:30 and our celebration service begins at 11 am. I’ll save a seat for you because it’s just not the same without you!
Light and Love,
Rev. Karen