The 3rd Annual World Day of Peace Concert 

featuring Sangeet Millenium, Impending Bloom, and more

September 15th, 2018   2pm- 5pm

Arts Mission of Oak Cliff

The third presentation of South Asian Music for the World will feature a joint performance from Austin Dance India and Sangeet Millennium Ensemble at the Concert for World Peace on September 15th, 2018 at Arts Mission Oak Cliff. Together, these groups will showcase their joint multidisciplinary, multimedia fusion performance piece “Moving Towards Light.”

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Bhakti House Band Concert

Visionary Fusion: Painting the Music - A Live Art and Musical Performance 

May 6th, 2018      2 pm - 5 pm

Unity on Greenville

Tickets $25 in advance / $35 at the door

Tickets can be purchased at and

Unity on Greenville Bookstore

What happens when you combine inspiring music and visionary art? A unique experience of alchemy you’ll not soon forget!

Prepare for your heart to ignite and awaken as you witness Visionary Artist Pete Taboada infuse the deeply inspired music of Bhakti House Band into a live painting, right before your eyes! You’ll not just hear the music, you’ll watch it come alive on canvas.

Pete Taboada

People who own a piece by Pete Taboada describe the process of his work as magnificent, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Pete is inspired by the love and creative energies that unite us. His art reflects his path toward the divine wisdom of love and connection with all life. His intention with every painting is to radiate and reflect the beauty and passion of the individual and collective souls of humanity.

Bhakti House Band

Led by Texas mantra musicians Randall and Kristin Brooks, Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation and rich harmonies that enlighten the soul. Combining Sanskrit mantra and kirtan with inspirational English lyrics, Bhakti House Band creates a sacred space where listeners can surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.

For almost 25 years, Randall & Kristin have shared and articulated their spiritual journey through relevant lyrics and heartfelt musical compositions. Their intention is to inspire humanity to awaken their hearts, live with purpose, and experience a higher sense of freedom and connection with all life...

Parking at Unity on Greenville You can park along the street on McCommas, Morningside, Martell, Mercedes, and Penrose. The "No Parking" signs have time and date, notice Weekend 9pm.