Power and Passion: Cradling Our Anger for Women


Power and Passion: Cradling Our Anger for Women

Transforming Destructive Energy into Positive Power – a One Day Retreat for Women
Presented by Ms. Elijah Hawken, C.L.C., M.S., L.Ac. 


Tickets $137  Purchase at Unity Bookstore, Eventbrite.com or call Elijah at 972-804-9113

Do you wish your relationships flowed more easily? Have a desire to be a better parent? Do you want more joy and less stress in your life? Do you seek freedom from chronic pain? Addressing anger can reduce pain & stress, increase immunity, and foster healthy relationships.  Join us for an intimate day retreat in which we create a safe space to explore that taboo subject: anger. How did it get its bad rap? What angers us? What does it physically feel like? How do we react or not react? How do we individually experience anger – do we swing wildly from repression to rage, live constantly in one or the other, or remain shut-down and numb? How might we move toward a middle ground, and how do we begin to make peace with our anger? Licensed Acupuncturist & Certified Life Coach, Ms. Elijah Hawken will discuss how anger is viewed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and lead the group in exploring anger through discussion prompts, creativity, movement, sound, and ceremony. Group size is limited & pre-registration is required, so register now to secure your place! 

What Will We Be Doing in Power and Passion?

  • I’ll start with sharing about why, after 12 years in clinical practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist using Traditional Chinese Medicine, I became convinced it was necessary to offer workshops on anger.
  • I’ll explain how emotions are seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • We’ll talk about the many faces of anger: acute anger, old anger, buried anger, resentment. 
  • We’ll look at these aspects of anger (and more), and explore how we might navigate each of them in a healthy and supportive way.
  • We’ll expose some of the names we call our own anger, in order to avoid saying we’re angry. 
  • We’ll talk about setting clear boundaries for ourselves. 
  • You’ll learn meditation techniques and self-healing techniques.
  • We’ll employ the principles of Mindfulness to buoy us in our explorations.
  • We will observe how we use our voices, and play with using them in new and different ways.
  • We’ll allow our bodies to echo our anger – what shapes and movements might that anger suggest? 
  • We’ll experiment with ways we might move our physical forms to start to shift and move any stuck anger inside of us. 
  • We’ll start growing our emotional vocabulary – helping us to understand and accept what we’re feeling.
  • We will discuss compassion, and the F-word: forgiveness (and I promise to tell you why I hate this word so much).
  • We will draw our anger, write our anger, seek it out so that we might stop being controlled by it. 
  • We will do visualizations together and participate in a ceremony with the intention of releasing what is stuck. 
  • Most importantly, we will create safe space, a sharing space, and we’ll practice holding ourselves and all our foibles with gentleness. We will be taking, together, a step forward – a step toward our own health, and a step toward love.  

If this sounds like what you might need, register now. 

I’ll meet you on the path. 

Trans and gender non-conforming people are welcome and may choose the event that will be best suited to their needs. If you would like more info to help you decide which day is the best fit for you, please call Elijah at 972-804-9113.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Genesis Women’s Shelter, in Dallas, providing safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence. Check out their good work here: www.genesisshelter.org